About Katie

Photo by Shelley Foster

My name is Katie, and I’m a wife, mom, teacher, and writer. I have two beautiful children, McKinley (who’s seven) and Bradley (who is 4). They keep me delighted and on my toes everyday and I am so lucky to be their mama. I am married to Hesston, a simply amazing husband who works hard for us and supports me in all of my endeavors. ┬áHe also gives me time to pursue one of my true loves: writing.IMG_3181

We both grew up in Albuquerque in the shadows of the Sandia Mountains with instant access to green chile. I attended TCU in Fort Worth where I obtained a Masters degree in Elementary Education. We stayed in North Texas for a few years where I taught 4th grade, and then after taking a break from teaching, writing a couple books, and surviving a year of (pandemic) homeschooling, we decided to move back to Albuquerque to be near our families. I am now back in the classroom teaching literature and writing to 5th graders, which is my favorite thing!

I love to read. Pretty much anything I can get my hands on. In fact, I kind of have a book-buying problem. My favorite genres include historical fiction (specifically WWII lit), realistic fiction, and recently I’ve gotten really into memoirs. I love to read children’s and young adult literature too; I find it refreshing and nostalgic all at the same time. IMG_3318Despite taking some time off from teaching in a school setting (I believe parents are their children’s best and first teachers, so I’ll never not be teaching), I am deeply invested in the education of young people and the idea that access to quality education is a basic human right for every person in our nation.

I also love to learn. I joke that if I could be a career student, I would. I hope that I have instilled some of my love of learning into my own two sweet kiddos.

That being said, I am a complete work in progress. I by no means have anything “figured out” but I am constantly learning new things and discovering new truths about myself and my world. Things I’m working on now: getting back into clean eating (pregnancy really isn’t a good time to restrict food groups ha), getting back into shape (swimming laps with my mom and dad is my favorite right now), cleaning and keeping our home orderly and comfortable, and keeping up with 72 fifth graders!