For Mama on Mother’s Day

I never really understood how fully and fiercely my mom loved me until I had my baby girl. Becoming a mom comes with so many emotions; it’s exciting and terrifying, exhausting and beautiful, all at the same time. All these feelings my mom handled with such grace. I owe so much of who I’ve become to my mom, so today, on Mother’s Day, I’d like to say thank you.img_3155.jpg

Thank you for loving Anna and me so unconditionally that even sassy mouths, spaghetti sauce on white carpet, teenage hormones, or missed curfews couldn’t change your mind.

Thank you for working so hard to give us your best always. You showed us what it meant to excel in a career and also at home. You balanced those two so well, we never had to feel your absence.

Thank you for patiently teaching us how to scrub a toilet, fold the laundry, cook your famous enchiladas, and drive a car (although maybe that was more Dad?). Thank you for helping us both become independent, functioning adults.

Thank you for staying up at night worrying about us or holding our hair when we were sick. Thank you for the endless amounts of chicken noodle soup and saltines and 7up. We knew you were always there.

Thank you for reading to us, for sharing your favorite stories and poems. For encouraging our learning and sending us to the best schools. We owe so much of our success to you and Daddy.IMG_3153

Thank you for teaching us that you can be a mom but also your own person. Your calligraphy and painting and Poetry Slam nights were not lost on us. You inspired us to find our own passions and talents.

When it was time for us to leave home, thank you for being willing to let us go. As incredibly hard as I’m sure it was, you supported us in our academic pursuits, cheered us on at graduations and new job offers, and stood by our sides through engagements and marriage.IMG_3156

Thank you for being with me, physically and emotionally, as I wrestled with the challenges of becoming a mommy myself. Thank you for loving my children as much as you love me (let’s be honest, it’s probably more 😉 ), and thank you for sharing your strong faith.

And, lastly, Mommy, thank you for your constant example of love and kindness, to all those around you. You taught us what it means to truly love our neighbors as ourselves. IMG_3157

Anna and I are sure lucky to call you our mama. Happy Mother’s Day. We love you!!

Currently Reading: The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman. Another WWII book, but a true story this time. Jury’s still out on how I feel about this one; the writing style is kind of different.

Currently Baking: Almond Joy Bars from Elana’s Pantry– these are SUPER yummy and easy!!

Thanks for reading and until next time, peace and love from my household to yours.

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